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Paralympic Games 

After winning, in 2010, the bidding for the creation of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Brand, the following year Tátil was invited to design the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games Brand. It was the dream project for any designer. Being on Tátil's creative team was a pride and a privilege. The brand was born from a collaborative process. We started with a deep dive into the Paralympic universe to define the strategic tools of the project. We talked to the athletes, their families and people who worked directly with them. Instead of talking about performance, the goal was to create a brand that could inspire people and represent the ability to overcome of athletes. A symbol that reflected not what sets us apart, but what makes us equal, a beating heart with endless energy.


CEO Fred Gelli

STRATEGY Roberta Gamboa, Tania Savaget, Luiz Arruda, 
Mario Rosa,
 Marina Mendes

CREATIVE TEAM Fernanda Saboia, Felipe Aguiar, Ricardo Bezerra, Roberta Gamboa, Ana Cunha, Daniel Souza, Leonardo Lopes, Mariana Hermeto, Samara Araújo, Bruna Carbonesi, Camila Dias, Carol Peixoto, Diego Fonseca, Eduardo Paixão, Fabio Gaspar, Ilana Bandarovsky Burdman, Jana Glatt, João Faraco, Laura Sugimoto, Luis Fernando Costa, Mariana Leal, Mila Daffre, Milton Von Seehausen, Rodrigo Bessa, Rodrigo Maia, Tasso Canedo, Thiago Holzmeister, Anderson Marcicano, Marcelo Lopes, Marcus Dietrich, Tania Belarmino
ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT Roberto Trinas, Mariana Soccodato, Barbara Martinho

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